Recently, a Denver area grower known only as RB-26 has been staking a claim for the highest THC counts ever recorded. For some context: in 2008, the average percentage of THC found in marijuana strains around the nation was 8.5%, according to the National Institute for Drug Abuse. In 1975, it was .74. Fast forward to now, and RB-26’s Gorilla Glue #4 ranking in at 33.5%. That’s an increase in practically three times the national average in a little under seven years.

Granted, there are skeptics when it comes to the numbers. Co-founder of rival Colorado dispensary Denver Relief, Kayvan Khalatbari, finds 33% THC “hard to believe.” This coming from the co-founder of a dispensary whose own R-18 tested at over 27% for High Times’ 2014 list of strongest strains. While it may seem biased at first, the real basis for concern lies in the lack of standards, on any kind of regulated level, which leads to inaccuracies across the board. And Khalatbari may have a point.

Without a sturdy industry in place, there can’t yet be a real industry standard. So while it’s all good and fun to have growers and labs testing the contents of their own product, there’s not many ways to see how it truly holds up against others. Yes, multiple tests done at different labs with different equipment are good – and necessary – but these labs all run on their own set of parameters, and one result one place can wind up wildly different at another as a result.

To quell concern, RB-26 has been trying to test his goods everywhere, and often. In 12 consecutive tests done by SC Labs in Santa Cruz, the results stayed between 30 and 33.5% THC. Couple that with separate tests done by CannLabs in Denver clocking in at 30+% and this weed is starting to look pretty good. “CannLabs is about as reputable as you get in Colorado,” opined Khalatbari to Vice’s T. Kid. “But they’re not without their flaws.”

We thinks someone may be a little bitter. Maybe it’s because an astromech droid is growing better weed than them.

Check out some of RB-26’s looks at their Instagram. These are the buds you’re looking for.