Snoop Dogg made a public appearance promoting the new MTV sitcom Mary + Jane, a show the rapper is executive producing, last weekend. The Doggfather’s passion project follows two twenty-something women in the hipster mecca of Silverlake, Los Angeles as they sell weed and date and stuff. In addition to executive producing, Snoop has also recorded the theme song and will appear as “like a Snoop fairy,” according to another show EP.

The show is just the most recent addition of cannabis-infused content to be programmed on the airwaves. As legal cannabis is turning into big bucks in the land of the free, the zeitgeist it’s creating is leading to more and more TV and movies on the subject. M + J is just one of more than half a dozen projects being undertaken by major studios about people in the weed biz.

Last week saw the announcement of Humboldt, a new drama series starring John Malkovich from the producers of True Detective and based on the non-fiction book Humboldt: Life on America’s Marijuana Frontier, which follows the culture of Northern California cannabis farmers as they prepare for the changes that legalization will bring to their way of life.

While Humboldt seems to be a serious look at the industry, everyone else is playing it for laughs. Netflix is putting out Disjointed, a dispensary sitcom from Big Bang Theory billionaire creator Chuck Lorre and starring Misery herself Kathy Bates. Meanwhile, HBO’s new iteration of the popular web series High Maintenance debuts next month and NBC is developing yet another dispensary workplace comedy about whacky potheads with yet another punny title: Buds. That one stars Parks and Recreation dude Adam Scott.

Amazon Studios, not to be outdone, is developing two, count them, two different cannabusiness projects. The first sounds a bit like more of the same, being the Margaret Cho-starring hour long Highland, a workplace/family dramedy about some more people who run a dispensary. The second project, though it comes from the guru behind Amazon’s flagship series Transparent, is actually a feature film called Ten Akre Wood, and tells the story of a woman who flees Los Angeles after her marriage falls apart and joins a Northern California grow op.

So, maybe from now on you can save a little money on your endo expenses. Just turn on the tube and see if you can catch a contact high.