ISIS is experiencing huge attacks on its web forums and social media pages from Anonymous, the online activism group. Over the last week, many of the top Jihadi forums have been taken down along with their supporters, including Members from the Anonymous group have since been boasting about their campaign against terrorists, using digital technology to power down the groups one step at a time. At the moment they are focusing on ISIS alone, however it is very unclear as to whether or not Anonymous is solely responsible for the digital blackout that these websites are currently facing.

For a group that relies on social media and digital propaganda, it was a serious blow none the less, regardless of who is responsible for the attack. Anonymous also took down 800 Isis Twitter accounts, which have been used to spread the group’s word and recruit new fighters and supporters.

They are also said to be uploading the email addresses of ISIS members to, and as a result many of the accounts have since been suspended.

All of this to-and-fro between Anonymous and ISIS supporters has escalated on Twitter, with some Jihadi groups circulating hashtags of their very own. These are being used to show support for their ISIS accounts, and although a lot of them have been shut down, there is no saying how many remain and how many will still stand after the dust settles on the internet attacks by Anonymous