Jaycee Chan has been released from prison in Beijing last week after he completed a six month sentence. The sentence was handed to him because he allowed other people to use marijuana on his property and there is currently a popular anti-narcotics movement in the country. The 32 year old son of Jackie Chan was released from jail last week. Photos were also released of reporters flooding his car as it pulled into a toll station.

Chan was arrested with Taiwanese movie star Ko Kai in August after they both tested positive for marijuana.

Police offers held Chan, Ko Kai, a Taiwanese movie star and several more in August. Chan and Ko had tested positive for marijuana. Police offers found over 100 grams of marijuana at the scene. Ko was released after serving 14 days of an administrative detention.

Chan could have spent up to 3 years in prison, however the court took it easy on him after he confessed to his crime. Since Jackie Chan is not only one of the most famous movie stars in the world, but also a drug ambassador, the arrest of his son came as something of a surprise. But the SuperCop and Drunken Master released a statement which says that he and his son will work together to go straight from here on out.

This is just one of the many Beijing crackdowns that have happened recently, and over 7,000 people were arrested last year alone for what has been called the largest anti-drug campaign in over 29 years.