Jay-Z just opened a weed deli in Southern California as part of his partnership with the cannabis brand Caliva.

Piling one high concept on another, Deli by Caliva is operates as a ’50s-era New York-style deli serving cannabis products out of the LA suburb of Bellflower. The store opened its doors last Thursday.

The “deli” comes complete with display cases and counter service for edibles, waxes, pre-rolleds and more, as well as aisles of curated products all packaged to look like they came out of Leave it to Beaver.

“We wanted to create something that was reminiscent of those early delis you saw from the 1950s,” store manager Joshua Estrada told to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I kind of equate it to like if we took that deli from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel — it’s that neighborhood vibe. They’ve got the rabbi, right? It’s one of those moments, the neighborhood celebrating those spaces. We wanted to also play on that.”

Jay-Z became chief brand strategist of Caliva in July. While plans for Deli have been in the works since early this year, predating his leadership at the company, the store could be indicative of the kinds of ambitious plans Hova will oversee in the future.

“As a major Shawn Carter fan, I could not be more ecstatic personally to be working for Caliva and to be working now with Jay-Z in a collaborative effort. The entire company is just thrilled beyond words,” says Elizabeth Cooksey, svp of retail for Caliva. 

“He is such an innovator and such an artist that we look forward to partnering and taking his point of view and perspective into account as we grow our product line and our retail experience.”

Photo via Flickr/Daniele Dalledonne