Turns out this isn’t the only dumb thing Jeb Bush did this week:

The other other Bush also made some scientifically challenged comments Thursday when CNN’s GOP Town Hall debate got to the subject of cannabis legalization. The presidential candidate detailed his view of “the devastating nature of marijuana,” including the “impacts it has on productivity…. and brain damage,” as reported by Extract.

“The potency of this generation’s marijuana…it has serious neurological impacts,” said the Florida Governor who has clearly little personal experience with cannabis or any credible scientific research on the subject.

“This is not some idle conversation, this is a serious problem,” he said. “Addiction in general is a huge problem for our country.”

Bush isn’t just taking a hard line against marijuana, he’s spouting off negatives that haven’t been part of the conversation for years. The days of assigning major problems like addiction and brain damage to marijuana have gone by the wayside. Now doctors recommend it and the government even takes its cut in many states.

While some studies show that marijuana can be harmful to the developing brains of adolescents, there’s little research to show that it has a profound effect on the long term neurological capabilities of adults. And a study by NIDA proves the common sense theory that marijuana is far less addictive than legal substances such as cigarettes and alcohol.

Bush has, surprisingly, shown himself more scientifically progressive than most of his competitors for the GOP throne. He’s made waves by being the only major Republican nominee to admit that humans are contributing to climate change. Meanwhile, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz both deny climate change and Donald Trump wrote on Twitter years before his campaign launched that “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”

Maybe all us science-deniers will get a nice Trump-Cruz ticket this November.