It’s a weird world when hip-hop artists have to be the ones to do the work of politicians and activists. But that’s the world we got. While lawmakers are focusing on elections and gun law squabbles, artists like Jeezy are dropping truth bombs like a drone plane gone haywire.

Jeezy used his recent interview with CNN as a platform to talk about the inherent class and race warfare at work in the US’s “war on drugs” and his frustration with the Obama administration – a regime he once found so promising that it inspired him to write the song “My President” back in 2008.

But now the artist has changed his tune. A lyric from the song “Streetz” goes: “My partna Nut got gunned down in this hood last week, out here in the streets … Seen a black president, I ain’t seen no change though. They say street life numb ya; all I feel is pain though.”

Here’s some more of Jeezy’s insights that he lent to CNN, along with a video posted by WorldStarHipHop

“You have to understand, in a country like America, people are born entrepreneurs, so we figure out ways to make money. I’m taking care of my kids, I’m not hurting anyone, I’m selling a little pot here and there.

“You know, that’s what happens in the neighborhoods, you know? So to see it legalized now in certain states is even crazier because it’s like, a lot of my friends are incarcerated for marijuana and it’s legal.

“Anything that can be used for medical purposes anyway, it’s like, you know, you gotta really think about that. How do you put someone in prison, but then at the same time you let people use it for medical reasons? It’s confusing.

“You never know what somebody can do until they’re actually put in that position.

“It took Obama two terms to actually come to the place where he was cutting people’s sentences.

“I think that’s just a small part of the problem.”