God help us all. The candy genius behind the Jelly Belly empire has gotten into the edible game. Each little jelly bean in the new line comes infused with 10 mg of cannabinoids, an adequate dose. But who in the world ever ate just one Jelly Belly? Or just three, for that matter, or just ten?

For the moment, the new line from sweets savant is CBD-only. Called Spectrum Confections, the product was created by Jelly Belly inventor David Klein. Klein’s website says he is “better known as The Candyman,” so make sure you never say his name five times in a mirror.

Confection offers more than 70 varieties of jelly beans, sour jelly beans, and sugar-free beans, each “sanded” with either malitol or dextrose to “mask the CBD flavor inside.” Yum! They must be doing something very right (or very wrong) because shortly after going live the company is already sold out, for the time being.

The company is also catering to extractors, offering a service to make jelly beans with their concentrate and ship it back to them wholesale. It uses what it calls an innovative “patent pending” technology to get all those groovy flavors.

The cannabis market is definitely competitive right now, but Jelly Belly has a history of dominating new markets. A quick glance at their Wikipedia page will tell you that the first iteration of the company more or less invented the concept of the jelly bean. Later (like a hundred years later) David Klein joined up with the company and made the innovation of using natural puree.

And now they can medicate you (although there might be better ways to get well than popping jelly beans).

Photo via Flickr user Tom Page