Jim Morrison, the lead singer for the Doors has always stated that he is a mystic within the music business. During a 1969 interview however, he proved to everyone that he understood the future of music as we know it better than anyone. He suggested that music will eventually merge traditional styles with brand new technology, revolutionising them and the music industry as we know it. He then went on to say that it would rely heavily on electronic tapes, and with this statement alone, he predicted the birth of hip-hop itself.

Pop music nowadays consists of one person surrounded by gadgetry and machinery, singing over the noise to deliver a single layered track. Morrison’s citation of “Speaking” makes this concept all the more interesting, and hip-hop builds from this exact same structure. The Doors however remain to be one of the first bands to feature poetic passages that were spoken to deliver the desired effect. This is clearly displayed in songs such as Celebration of the Lizard. Listen for yourself, and you’ll hear a technique that is now actually present in a lot of modern hip-hop. This was also done in the very first year that Woodstock opened, so Morrison was already seeing ahead to Bonnaroo.

Over time, the music he made became more and more progressive, and he continued to offer valuable insights into the future of the music business. With remarkable accuracy, his statements have made him a mystic in the music business.

Maybe that means “The End” is coming to. “Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain. And all the children are insane.” Groovy, baby.