A couple of Massachusetts stoners are probably happy campers today after a judge ruled that police had to return to them over 17 ounces in confiscated cannabis materials. Product and paraphernalia were both seized from a married couple in January of last year by the West Boylston Police Department, beginning a criminal proceeding which finally resolved itself at the end of last month with all charges being dropped and the return of the seized property, according to Telegram.com.

The judge’s finding, as you might imagine, is fairly unusual. A local sergeant told the Telegram that this was the first time as a cop that he has “given marijuana to anyone.”

You can only come to the conclusion, that the two defendants in the case had a pretty kickass attorney. The lawyer in question, John Madaio, filed a motion to return property on January 5 of this year, which resulted in ultimately in the judge’s lenient sentencing.

The items returned were as follows: 15 ounces of marijuana plant matter, .05 ounces of hash (whether they mean old school hash or something more like shatter is unclear), 2.5 ounces of hash oil, and some cannabis seeds.

The ordeal got started early in 2015 when a U.S. postal inspector alerted authorities in Massachusetts to a suspicious package. The postal inspector then went undercover as a postman and got the resident the package was addressed to to sign for it.

Then a search warrant was executed and a bevy of cannabis booty was seized. In addition to the items which were returned, police also found edibles and a grow operation with 33 plants.

It’s illegal to possess more than one ounce of cannabis in Massachusetts, but that kickass lawyer got the judge to say that a marijuana patient could claim up to 5 ounces of weed a month for personal use (that’s a little over 4.5 grams per day).

“By regulation, a 60-day supply of marijuana is 10 ounces,” wrote Clinton District Court Judge Robert Gardner. “Accordingly, 10 ounces in the possession of a qualifying patient holding a certification for the use of medical marijuana is not contraband under Massachusetts law,”

If only all marijuana trials went like that and not like this.