In California this Wednesday, US District Judge Kimberly Mueller decided not to change the federal classification of marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance. In a case known only to involve what authorities are calling a marijuana grow operation, the defense aimed to call the classification into question.

Schedule 1 substances are listed as having no medical use and highly addictive capabilities. The only others currently qualifying with weed are heroin and LSD. What made this case unique is the fact that the judge was even willing to consider the classification as a changeable factor.

More oft than not, a judge will not consider the alternative when calling federal law into question. The law is the law, unless it is Sylvester Stallone. But when Judge Mueller held a hearing last year to paint the picture a little for this case, many saw it as a sign of shifting mentalities in regards to marijuana. Her willingness to consider the entire scope of what is going on today sparks hope in the chests of advocates in and out of office.

Sure, the case turned out how most would expect. And marijuana’s classification remains at a 1. But what is undeniably growing clearer now is the changing tide. The wave of sympathetic minds only grows each day, and before long, the federal government is going to have to hit or get off the pipe, because they’re fucking up the rotation.