Florida truly is the most ridiculous place you can think of. Or reside in. Or apparently, preside over court in, as well.

Because that’s exactly what Judge Elizabeth Scherer was doing when she sent a SWAT team into the home of an innocent man to shoot and murder him in cold blood, all in the search of drugs that did not exist.

Oh yeah, did we mention Judge Scherer is the same Judge Scherer whose former husband Anthony Mercer was arrested with over an ounce of coke, a pound of weed and a bevy of prescription pills in a fanny pack back in 2009?

Granted, the arrest and circumstances resulted in divorce. But Mike Adams over at High Times is not only angry about the whole hypocritical fucksmash, but not entirely sure Judge Scherer has sowed all her wild oats just yet, either.

Looking through Adams’ initial report on the subject, his sleuthability is near transgressional, slipping through the words and lines of his text to subliminally hint at what really may be going on underneath, between the lions. And the sheets. Because if Mike Adams had to guess, it seems very likely that he is certain Judge Scherer is not only still sleeping with and/or secret-married to her non-convict ex-husband, but only split up with him in the public eye to save her position in the court.

And reading a little deeper, it seems as though Mike would even take it a step further to claim that maybe Judge Scherer’s uninhibited sending of SWATs to a seemingly civilian man’s home guns blazing might have had a little mob-tied, hog-tied backdoor-sluts-9 dealing to do with her relations. “…it is difficult to believe,” wrote Adams, “that Mercer, who told authorities that he had been selling a little dope to help pay the bills, was conducting his illegal dealings without Scherer’s knowledge. Yet, she had no apparent conscious about allowing a gang of trigger-happy cops to raid the home of a man for “minimal or no drugs,’

Imagine that? The wife of a drugboy making her way through the ranks of justice to a place of power, ensuring his unchallenged dominance of the drug market and eventual fall from grace.

Vince Gilligan… Matt Weiner… somebody. Anybody! Are you reading this?