In a victory for crazy rich people everywhere, Kanye West has settled a lawsuit against megalithic insurance market Lloyd’s of London by proving in court that he is crazy, but that he didn’t get that way from smoking cannabis.

Here’s what happened: During his Saint Pablo tour in 2016, West cancelled several shows due to what he claimed was a mental breakdown. The hip-hop behemoth filed a claim with his insurer, Lloyd’s of London, to recoup losses from the cancelled shows. But Lloyd’s did not want to pay. They claimed West’s breakdown was caused by his marijuana use, which would mean it wasn’t covered under their policy.

But the cannabis claim was never backed up by any medical evidence, according to TMZ. West apparently had been driven to the point of brief hospitalization as a result of mounting stress from running his business while on tour, lack of sleep, and the anniversary of his mother’s death. At the time, as TMZ reported, “Kanye became paranoid when he was taken to UCLA … refusing for a time to even let doctors touch him. He also ranted that people were trying to ruin his marriage.”

Accordingly, Kanye’s touring company Very Good Touring sued Lloyd’s for $10 million dollars. Lloyds countersued and, after a lot of legalese we’re too dumb to fully understand, Lloyd’s finally decided to settle out of court.

Maybe now that it’s all over, West should enjoy a little puff to chill him out some.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons