The group Legalize Marijuana for Mississippi has been making a strong push for a ballot referendum on the subject of marijuana. It’s Proposition 48 and signature petitions are circulating throughout the state. The goal is to legalize marijuana and regulate it in a fashion similar to how alcohol is treated.

There’s just one catch: opposition to Proposition 48 has been fast and fierce from a surprising adversary. It isn’t a fundamental religious group. It isn’t a group of law enforcement officials. No – it’s the KKK.

The Ku Klax Klan has actively campaigned in Mississippi against Proposition 48. Their concern is that people will get high and then cause more crime. Those sentiments are echoed by local resident Willie Norwood, who spoke with WLBT and WDBD TV in Jackson, MS. “”It’s a bad idea all the way around,” he said. Norwood eloquently added, “It’s just a dumb decision. Whoever’s trying to make this decision, it’s just bad… We already have crime now just imagine if everybody rolls around high on pot.”

There is also local confusion between the use spice synthetic weed and the use of real deal organic marijuana. The two terms are used interchangeably in Mississippi by some and that is creating confusion about Proposition 48 that may be creating unnecessary miscommunication.

Legalize Marijuana for Mississippi reports that they already have 5,000 signatures for Proposition 48. The goal is to get the referendum on the 2016 ballot, which means they’ll need more than 100,000 signatures by October 2015 to do it. They think they’ll get it done, whether the KKK keeps running interference or not.