Wondering which strain is ideal for your zodiac sign? Read on for a rundown of the strain that best fits the personality traits of your sign.

Capricorns – Golden Goat
Celestial goats can be sweet and spicy themselves, so they’ll no doubt love the combination of spicy, sweet and sour flavors which are the signatures of this potent bud.

Aquarius – AK47
Since Aquarians are so complex, they need a strain that can provide a balance to their quirky personalities and AK47 is a hybrid that’s just sativa-dominant enough to meet the challenge.

Pisces – Blueberry Yum Yum
As one of the warmest signs of the zodiac and a water sign to boot, Pisces will no doubt love the bluest herb that they can get their hands on. Blueberry Yum Yum offers up a very tasty way for the fish among us to get their indica fix.

Aries – Trainwreck
Those who were born under the Aries sign can be as aggressive as the ram that represents them, so they (and everyone around them!) will appreciate the ability of sativa-heavy Trainwreck to mellow them out.

Taurus – OG Kush
The bull is another sign that can be a bit domineering, so this king of the kush strains works great to calm them down and make them into much more peaceful beings.

Gemini – LSD
This hybrid strain by Barney’s Farm is so named due to the fact that it offers up a high that’s reminiscent of an acid trip without the ugly flashbacks. Since Geminis tend to have such complicated personalities, a versatile hybrid like this makes the perfect strain for them.

Cancer – Grapefruit
Summer babies through and through, Cancers tend to be happy people who will benefit from a light and fruity strain like Grapefruit. Not too weak, not too strong, Grapefruit is just right for a refreshingly sweet smoke on hot day.

Leo – God’s Gift
Leo’s love to think of themselves as God’s Gift to the world, so this insane indica strain is the perfect herb for them. A hybrid of OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple,
God’s Gift is the ultimate high for a bud-lovin’ lion.

Virgo – Headband
Headband is ideal for the persnickety nature of Virgos, who often have issues with stress and anxiety. It gives a head and body high that’ll let them forget their silly worries and get down to enjoying life.

Scorpio – Girl Scout Cookies
Any intense Scorpio can definitely benefit from this potent sativa-dominant strain. It tastes like a skunk that’s been coated in Thin Mints and is powerful enough to tame the stinger of even the angriest scorpion.

Libra – Strawberry Cough
The indecisive Libra will no doubt love that this hybrid strain offers them the best of both worlds. The combination of a sweet, subtle berry flavor and a mellow high is right up the alley of this easygoing sign.

Sagittarius – Berry White
As one of the signs with the best sense of humour, Sagittarians will dig the name that comes with this hybrid strain. Born of White Widow and Blueberry, it’ll make the centaurs even more creative and fun then they naturally are.

Parker Winship