Big old cannabis supplies company Kush Bottles is expanding its solvents distribution into its third major cannabis market. The company, which makes packaging, solvents, and other products used in the cannabis business, currently services California through its location in Orange County and Colorado out of Denver.

And now the company, under the banner Kush Energy, has announced that it will open up two new hazmat operating facilities in the Pacific Northwest, one near Portland and another near Seattle.

“These facilities will focus on supplying customers in these regions with tested, high quality solvents and hydrocarbons which are essential in the cannabis extraction process for the production of items including oils, edibles and waxes,” reads a press release from the company on

The company says that the first of two locations, in Salem, Oregon, is already online while the second in Tukwila, Washington will be in operation in early September. Both facilities will produce staple solvents such as N-butane, propane, iso-butane, dry ice, and ethanol.

The Kush Energy long game, according to its release to potential shareholders, is to have a solvent distribution location in “every key cannabis market where major extraction companies are operating their production facilities.”

The company sees this as a new model which could aid the industry. “All this in an effort to provide our customers with a more effective and efficient supply platform for all of their ancillary needs, a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach which will save them time and money,” says Kush Bottles CEO Nick Kovacevich.

Kush President Jason Vegotsky seconds that notion, saying, “The reaction from our customers in the Pacific Northwest has been overwhelmingly positive… the value of providing national support is becoming increasingly vital to the sector’s industry leaders.”

So now all you sector leaders will have a one-stop shop no matter where you are in the country. As of Wednesday afternoon, KSHB is trading at $5.04 a share.

Photo via Flickr user miheco