Somehow the yuppies have beaten the dabbed out: the first bar in LA to legally serve cannabis-infused alcoholic drinks is a vegan-friendly, overpriced (but pretty good) Mexican fusion restaurant in West Hollywood.

Gracias Madre is now offering three new cocktails, all either shaken or stirred with a weed-derived tincture, according to the Los Angeles Times. The restaurant makes its pot-tails using CBD extracted from hemp stalk, as opposed to the cannabis flower, which means they can sell them to a patron without a doctor’s recommendation, unlike most cannabis products in California.

A drink with a shot of stalk juice that can’t get you high goes for $20 a pop, but is pretty delicious according to the Times, which said the CBD tincture itself has “a full, almost buttery flavor, imparting a richness to the cocktail it’s added to.” And though it won’t elevate you the same way a gooey dab will, it will apparently give you “a uniquely warm, fuzzy feeling,” whatever that means.

For those looking for some upscale cannabis consumption in LA soon, here are the dank drinks you can order at the Gracias Madre and (where indicated) Madre’s sister restaurant Gratitude in Newport Beach:

Rolled Fashioned

A “Mezcal Añejo-Bourbon Old Fashioned” that’s got a spicy cinnamon twist and a gram bag of house-made churro garnish so that you can laugh at working-class stoners while you drink a dumb-sounding drink that costs more than an actual gram of good weed.

Stoney Negroni (also at Gratitude)

Gin, vermouth, Amaro, Contratto Aperitivo, and port, making a drink that sounds like it was concocted from everything at the bar that no one wanted to drink.

Sour T-iesel (also at Gratitude)

A tequila sour with some of that CBD that is actually probably a good way to unwind at the end of the day, though it still won’t get you high. What will they think of next? A spliff soaked in non-alcoholic beer?

Photo via Flickr user marc thiele