With the opening of the first ever legal weed cafe in the United States, the history of cannabis in the country has reached a very bougie milestone.

Opening November 1, Lowell Cafe is the first pot lounge of its kind in the United States, allowing cannabis to be sold and smoked in the same venue where they will also provide a full service restaurant and bar.

Lowell Cafe is catering to a specific niche of the stoner community, that is to say the ones with a little bit of money who like to think of their tastes as refined. Their initial menu will offer vegan nachos, homemade pickles, miso-glazed pork belly, and white bean hummus. 

At the same time, its owners kind of want it to be all things to all people, saying the cafe can accommodate families, stoners, drinkers, and foodies all in the same venue.

“We have families reaching out wanting to bring their kids or grandparents and high school groups of friends flying from all over the world,” Lowell’s director Kevin Bradytold LA Times. “I feel like we’re Disney World.”

The idea is to keep everything heavily regulated, regimented, and ventilated, so that the cafe remains in compliance with local laws, keeps the place from getting hot -oxed, and pisses off as few neighbors as possible.

Here are the basic rules of Lowell, via the Times:

  • It’s open to anyone 21 and over with an ID;
  • You can smoke flower and vape in the dining room or on a side patio;
  • You can use their cannabis products or you can use your own for a small “tokage” fee;
  • You can’t take home cannabis products you buy from them but don’t use;
  • They have pipes and bongs you can use, or you can bring your own;
  • You can order food that is either regular or cannabis-infused;
  •  Budtending servers will give suggestions for food and cannabis pairings;
  • Once their wine and beer license has been approved, you’ll be able to drink, but only on the front patio (and there’s no smoking/vaping on the front patio);
  • You can be ejected for being too stoned.

Photo via Flickr user Aurimas