Kendrick Lamar isn’t as social media savvy, or at least active, as some other rappers, such as Talib Kweli or Waka Flocka Flame.  But, that doesn’t mean people aren’t interested to hear what K Dot has to say.  He recently did an impromptu interview with TDE’s Top Dawg, fielding some questions from his fans.

A couple interesting tidbits from this interview were his takes on Lil Wayne, stating he was:

“@MoeJamul 1 of the most influential artist of this generation and still hungry”

Then, Kendrick also opened up to who was his current favorite artist in the game right now, which may be surprising to some, saying it was Earl Sweatshirt.  Following that question up with a confirmation that a tour of his new record “To Pimp A Butterfly” will be coming “soon enough.”

He also revealed that his favorite track on his album was “For Free? (Interlude).”

Inspiring Minds

To follow-up K Dot’s praise, Earl Sweatshirt was interviewed by Grantland saying that To Pimp A Butterfly allowed him to find himself and that he’s appreciative.

“I don’t know if it was a gift or curse, but for me it’s that I had to fucking find myself,” Earl said. “That’s why I told the homies, whatever nuances I’m not feeling with a Kendrick [Lamar]–type album, I’m still so thankful for his position because he’s doing that work so that fools like me can still find myself. I just don’t do it in the same way as Kendrick. Kendrick is so explicit in the way that that nigga writes. Like, it’s so explicit. He’s the opposite of mystery; everything is fully spelled out. But it’s in [an] everyman’s language. You can really, really understand it. It’s sophisticated but it doesn’t take a lot to understand what he’s talking about. And everyone can read it, so it’s like … it gives me room to find myself.”

We couldn’t agree more on Earl’s take on Kendrick’s sophomore effort, those who haven’t lived in an artificial bubble all their lives can immediately absorb what he’s saying.  It’s just that he’s so gifted with the verbage that you can listen to it again and again and find new layers to his songs.  That’s artistry.