ResponsibleOhio, the biggest pro-marijuana legalization action group in their namesake state, is catching flack from local lawmakers on both sides of the law and a game show host on both sides of the before-and-after weight loss photo comparison.

The beef does not seem to be with growing weed or selling weed or smoking weed, but that the specific amendment ResponsibleOhio is putting forward could lead to the creation of marijuana monopolies in the state. Said amendment would give ten and only ten investment groups the exclusive right to cultivate and distribute cannabis as a wholesale product.

Ohioans, like a board game player approaching a minefield of hoteled Park Places and Boardwalks, are apprehensive about monopolies. That includes current medical marijuana advocate and former Ohio resident, sitcom star, and obese person Drew Carey, who tweeted thoughtfully earlier this year that…

This is a reference to the ballot initiatives that recently gave the out of state corporation Penn National Gaming a monopoly on casinos in the Buckeye State.

ResponsibleOhio’s Ian James says this argument is an attempt to cloud the issue and deter legalization. “When they can’t beat us, they try to cheat us,” he told The Columbus Dispatch. “The voters are the ones who should decide the issue. Don’t change the rules because you can’t win the argument.”

But Ohio Senate President says ResponsibleOhio’s interests lie in trying to shape the amendment for their own profits. He and other lawmakers are trying to craft a bill that, while supporting a marijuana initiative, “rule[s] out the ability of rich people to buy the constitution through referendum and initiative.”

We’ll see how it shakes out. In the meantime, here’s a little riddle for you: What’s round on the ends and “hi” in the middle?