One of the skeeziest stories involving hash oil we’ve ever come across was reported this week when a Washington State attorney was charged with smuggling wax into a local jail and paying another inmate for sex during attorney-client meetings at that same facility.

68 year-old William Mack Stoddard Jr. apparently has not mellowed with age. He was busted after a corrections officer smelled weed on him and found BHO in the interview room he had just been using.

“It appears the suspects were ‘keistering’ the drugs to get them into the jail and then possibly then sharing them with other inmates,” Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer told Fox Q13.

And Stoddard did not stop his full-on scumbaginess at dealing drugs to his own client in jail. He surpassed even the likes of Saul Goodman when an inmate and client of the attorney claimed that Stoddard gave him money for jail expenses such as phone calls in exchange for sex, as reported by The News Tribune.

The lawyer apparently wrote a letter to an inmate saying, “So bringing in contraband is a felony. However, I knew that the 1st conviction was a pass situation.” So we guess he must have skipped the day of law school where they explained how confessing to felony crimes in communication with your convict clients could get you into trouble.

Stoddard plead not guilty Wednesday to unlawfully delivering a controlled substance, second-degree introducing contraband, and conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance. More charges may be pending. The attorney’s bail was set at $7,500 and his privileges to visit the jail as a lawyer have, not surprisingly, been suspended.

We’ll be hoping Stoddard that as part of his punishment, Stoddard will have an attorney who will treat him like a prostitute and drug mule.


Photo not of Stoddard, but of TV’s fictional and lovable scoundrel Saul Goodman