Vincent J. Fazzone of has been issued with a citation after dropping a 2oz bag of marijuana on the floor of the courthouse in New London, Connecticut. Fazzone has refused to comment on the matter but a paralegal from his work place has stated that the marijuana was in fact the property of his client’s son. Fazzone claims he with a client before and the client was incredibly upset because she had found out that her son had been using marijuana. According to her statement, Fazzone took the marijuana from the woman and told her that he would give it back to her later on in the day so he could talk to her son after he finished school.

He then placed the bag of pot in his back pocket before he headed to court where he met with another client. Fazzone has stated that he does not use marijuana and that he completely forgot that the bag was in his back pocket until it fell out onto the floor. (How do you forget there’s two ounces of weed in your back pocket? You can’t sit down. And you’d reek.)

According to reports, he got up out of his seat and it fell out in the middle of court proceedings. After he had finished talking to the judge, the marshal said to him when you’re finished here we need to talk to you.