Weed and beer can go together like peas and carrots, but it can also mix like oil and water. When some people combine the two, they feel euphoric. Others feel like vomiting. The two industries are at odds too. Some interests in the alcohol business are trying to stop cannabis from going legal while others are joining forces with their rival intoxicant.

Dads & Dudes Breweria, a Colorado restaurant and brewery, is preparing to release their cannabis-infused beer in Washington, California, Oregon, Alaska and other states that are 420-friendly. The company has been making this cross-bred concoction for about a year now, but this is the first time a medicated beer will be distributed nationally.

DDB’s plans to release the strange brew comes on the heels of an unprecedented government approval. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau recently gave the brewery the first ever federal approval for non-psychoactive marijuana-infused beer in the nation’s history. The process of gaining that approval apparently “took forever,” DDB co-owner Mason Hembree told Westword. It was about a year of petitions and analyses before the history-making decision came through.

The only catch is that there’s no THC in the brewski, so you can’t actually get high off of the drink. “We don’t have pot in our beer. There’s no THC in it,” co-owner Judy Hembree told Colorado’s 9 News. “Why would anyone put pot or THC in a beer?”

The better question might be, “Why would anyone put pot but not THC in a beer?” Mason says that the reason, besides the presumable publicity stunt, is to make a political point about the federal government’s prohibition of medical cannabis.

“The non-psychoactive compounds are so important and have so many benefits,” he told Westward. “Part of the goal is bigger than just creating a cannabis beer. My partners, my dad, our investors — they are following suit with some of my personal beliefs, which is that cannabis should be removed from scheduling.”

How exactly selling weed beer that doesn’t get you high or claim any medical benefits will impact federal policy is unclear from the Hembrees’ remarks, but the important thing is that we will have weed beer. At least, we probably will. First the Breweria has to fulfill its Kickstarter goal of $50,000. As of press time, they’ve gathered just over $3,000 and have 25 days left to go.

Photo via Flickr user William Andrus