The pot legalization movement ain’t just good for collectives and their providers. Other companies have started to benefit from the marijuana industry. Take Vaportek for example, they started off by creating a machine that helps to control odor in hospitals. But it comes in handy of disappearing that kush smell lightning fast too. Increased marijuana use and legalization has greatly increased their sales. The company targets everyone from bedroom smokers to industry growers and more, so there is certainly a market.

The United States marijuana market has risen by over 74% recently to $2.7 billion. It isexpected to reach $3.5 billion by next year. With four states legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, many businesses have found their goose with the golden egg. Because growing and processing requires set skills, many people are investing in other areas which further contribute to the industry. WaterPulse in Colorado helps people to reduce their water usage by creating watering mats. These mats can be placed under plants and set with a timer so you can save on your water bills.

Kathleen and Kevin Sullivan launched Forever Green Indoors a few years ago and they provide energy efficient lighting for businesses. They’ve now started to sell lights for indoor marijuana farms and they’ve experienced great success in the field.

Other people have also said that LED lighting panels have picked up in sales over the past few months, so it isn’t just people who deal directly with marijuana who are reaping the benefits of this new legalization law.