In the California cannabis business, there’s a dynamic of white market vs black market right now. Even after the state went legal at the beginning of the year, illegal cannabis operations have continued to thrive, with reports that 60% of weed sold in state is from the black market.

And maybe consumers are right to trust outlaw weed dealers over “legit” cannabusiness people. Because some of them, it turns out, are murderous idiots.

Three business people involved in the medical marijuana industry in San Diego have been charged with conspiring to kidnap and murder a fourth associate, according to a news release from the Department of Justice.

Salam Razuki, Sylvia Gonzales and Elizabeth Juarez allegedly made an arrangement with an FBI informant to kill an associate referred to only as N.M. in the government release. Apparently, the trio’s beef with N.M. arose out of a real estate dispute regarding investment properties leased to marijuana dispensaries.

The report, it has to be said, paints these three would-be murderers as a pretty colorful bunch. They apparently came up with some creative code, asking that their hitman “put the turkey up to roast before Thanksgiving.” They also suggested that he “shoot [N.M.] in the face” or maybe just “take him to Mexico and have him whacked.”

They also come off not too bright and incredibly stingy.

Their payment for murder, a crime which could put the perpetrator in prison for life, was $2,000. They paid $1,000 of that up front, all of which seemed to come from one of their dispensary properties, the Goldn Bloom.

The murder was viewed as a necessity by these alleged assailants, who were in the middle of a civil lawsuit with N.M. “You need to get rid of this asshole. He’s costing me too much money,” Gonzales said during one of his meetings with the faux hitman.

Razuki, Gonzales, and Juarez have all denied their intention to kidnap or murder N.M.

Photo via Flickr user Greta Ceresini