I once had a friend (and I really do mean friend, not the ‘friend’ everyone seems to have when telling an embarrassing story) who tried to make a bong by drilling a hole into a wine bottle. It shattered of course, I laughed for about forty five minutes, and to this day, it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever witnessed. Rather than following in his footsteps, I suggest you try to get your hands on one of these creations, each of which is a testament to what stoned gamers can dream up.

10: The Tribal Mario

I really hope that one day our descendants find this amazing smoking device and put it in a museum somewhere, telling stories of how the primitive folk smoked herbs and honoured their mushroom collecting God.

09: The Finger Trap

Well done to anyone that can pack this without damaging their fingers. And well done to anyone who can stop staring and obsessing over this long enough to pack it a second time.

08: Aggressive Bullet Bong

Once again, I really hope that our descendants find this one day and put it in a museum. Bullet Bill is a kind god, given offerings of weed, and in return produced bong water.

07: The Most Terrifying Bong in Existence.

The eyeball at the top is truly terrifying. I can admire the craftsmanship, but if you can use a device like this without completely freaking out, you’re stronger than I am.

06: The Rainbow Road

Just looking at this bubbler puts you into a bit of a trance wondering what it would be like to actually drive in Mario Kart, if the Mario Kart universe wasn’t a terrible place where driving over a banana peel would send you flying.

05: The Mushroom Pipe

This is so adorably simple and yet so perfect. Not much more needs to be said about this beautiful, hand-crafted smoking device.

04: Tripped-Out Mario

Look at Mario. Just look at him. He’s taken a dozen hits of acid and is tripping balls right now to the point of hallucinating that he’s actually an inanimate figurine on a bong based on a video game. It’s also an excellently crafted bong.

03: Judgmental Yoshi

Now, look into Yoshi’s eyes and consider some of the life choices you’ve made. He’s judging you. You can see it in his eyes with every hit. Oh, what does he know, he lets Mario and Luigi push him around and ride on his back.

02: The Psychedelic Mario Universe

Really, who needs mushrooms when you have a masterpiece like this? If you can pull your eyes away from it for long enough to play a little Mario, then well done.

01: The Greatest Stoner Creation of All Time

From the Chain Chomp with an actual metal chain to the meticulously crafted tortoise shell base, this truly is a masterpiece. This beautifully crafted smoking device brings retro gaming and weed together in the most beautiful way possible. If Nintendo knew about this creation, I’m sure it would bring a tear to their eye.

Parker Winship