Rob Rhinehart is a man on a mission. He says that he doesn’t have to eat any more. Tired of the time that it takes to actually cook food, he decided to create a cocktail that he has named “Soylent.” You know, after the 1973 film where people ate wafers that were made out of humans.

Rhinehart’s cocktail doesn’t contain human flesh. It does take a stack of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. He says that this helps him avoid the toxins and preservatives in modern foods. Does his idea float? Or has he been smoking something incredible that we should all get our hands on today?

Here’s a Hint: He’s Still Eating

When asked what he adds to his cocktail to make it healthy, Rhinehart says that he uses olive oils or fish oils. This means we’ve got to define what is actually “food.” Does an oil that is created from a food product count as actual food? Or do you need to chew something in order for it to be considered food?

Rhinehart also admits that he eats one or two “conventional” meals per week. He also admits that if he had “money or a girlfriend” that he would probably eat out more often.

Here’s the bottom line: your metabolism needs certain things to function. You can get them from a juice fast, through Soylent, or through a well-maintained diet. Rhinehart proves that you still need food to survive. You just don’t have to spend as much time preparing that food if you hate cooking.