This year, Do LaB’s Lightning in Bottle festival will be celebrating the arts festival and camp-out’s 10-year-anniversary.

While the festival draws a diverse roster of talent from around the world, there’s much more to see at Lightning in a Bottle than just music. The festival’s Temple of Consciousness, Learning Kitchen, and Village sanctuaries feature installation art, yoga and dance classes, motivational speakers and health workshops.

Though this year’s lineup promises everything from Australian DJ/Producer Flume, to experimental electronic musician Panda Bear to festival mainstays like The Lucent Dossier Experience, past attendees are most excited about the festival’s close-knit community.

Lightning In a Bottle Zero is a “Leave It Better, Leave It Beautiful” event and is unique in its “green festival” status, boasting clean water initiatives and even providing these resources to other festivals.

“If we could just take lightning in a bottle and make it bigger turn it into a city I would live in it for the rest of my life,” says a young fan in a video from last year’s festival. This year’s five-day festival will take place at San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, CA over just 25 minutes north of Paso Robles over Memorial Day Weekend (May 21 – 25, 2015).