Coming soon: the classic combination of movies, bud, and good eats. The Scarlet Theater hopes to open in mid-April in Gilpin County, Colorado and plans to offer not only locals, but especially tourists a social place to enjoy their cannabis.

The theater’s crowd-funding page* explains that tourists face a unique issue when they come to Denver, the “mile-high city”: smoking in public comes with a $100 fine and a potential 15 days in the slammer. Most hotels won’t allow guests to smoke anywhere on their properties. As for cannabis social clubs in Denver, well, the city has banned them entirely.

Enter Gilpin County (which is a town, not a county… this will probably make more sense after a visit to The Scarlet Theater)…

Ash and Kelly McGonigal, The Scarlet Theater’s organizers, say that Gilpin County residents are eager to host this new twist on the classic social club. “They want to bring their visiting friends and relatives. They want to be able to tell their friends and customers that there is a place for them to smoke, eat a great meal, and watch a fantastic movie,” they explain on their site. details the vision: one part lounge area, “the ultimate destination for the cannaisseur,” where members can bring their cannabis and will find rolling papers, pipes, water pipes, and vaporizers for sale; cannabis is BYO. They can then lounge and chat with other “cannaisseurs” or perhaps take in a cult-classic or new indie movie.

When the munchies hit, members will be able to enjoy the theater’s restaurant, which is more than a few notches above Taco Bell. Stay in the restaurant or tote your snack, dessert, or meal with you into the movie theater, featuring “ultra-plush, ultra-comfortable theater seats.”

The Scarlet Theater will offer levels of membership suited to everyone, from tourists who might visit only once a year, to locals who wish to have a social smoking area, not unlike they might have their favorite local pub, as well as non-smoking companions of visiting “cannaiseurs.”