A ten year-old girl from Idaho may be the reason why the state approves marijuana oil. Alexis Carey suffers from Dravet Syndrome, a genetic disease that causes severe seizures. This has left the parents in a state of uncertainty – they don’t know if the seizures will be fatal one day or if they’ll stop on their own. The family found some information about marijuana helping other children who suffer from the condition, so they wanted to find out if it could help their daughter as well.

Idaho, however, has strict marijuana laws that restrict it from being used as a medicine. So the family began to hire lawmakers that would fight along them to decriminalise the oil. Now, two years later, they have some legislative backers and a hearing to attend which will attempt to loosen the laws on marijuana oil for medicinal use.

12 states have legalized the oil while leaving their medicinal marijuana ban intact. Utah has given approval to let those who suffer from chronic conditions to consume marijuana edibles and Virginia legalized the oil in February.

Marijuana oil started to receive public attention when a family from Colorado fought and won a case for their daughter, who also suffered from Dravet syndrome. The substance is similar to hemp oil, which is actually legal in Idaho and so can be purchased from local grocery stores.

As there is no known cure for this disease, children are often given a cocktail of medications to try and counteract the seizures. These drugs have plenty of side effects and they can cause permanent damage to a child’s kidneys, liver and other organs.

Only time will tell whether or not their daughter will given the go ahead for using the substance. If not, we got room for the family out here in Cali.