Thanks to medical marijuana law, opportunity knocks in the state of Michigan. But so do the feds if you’re growing plants.

When Randall Raymond Fieck Jr started his own grow house to cash in on the marijuana business, he left one small thing out of the equation: his daughter, who was attending kindergarten. Apparently he didn’t realize just how potent the lingering smell of weed was, or that his daughter would ever have a conversation about his little secret with her teacher.

Once the jig was up, police were notified and arrived at his house, where the scent just got stronger.  Upon confronting Mr. Fieck, he explained to the police that he was a legit medical marijuana grower and would not comply with demands to enter the house.  He left to go get his daughter from school as the police got their search warrant and his giant collection of pot plants growing in four different rooms, totaling at over 200 adult plants and 60 starters.  Also in the stash was three pounds of extract. All that puts him above the limit for a Michigan patient.

Randall Fieck is a single dad, who just bit off more than he could chew, and now he is groveling at the feet of the courts to reduce his sentencing as much as possible, losing precious years from spending time with his daughter.  His attorney expands on his efforts:

“Mr. Fieck has accepted full responsibility for his actions giving rise to the current criminal charges,” the attorney wrote. “He has expressed his sincere intention to not grow marijuana again and he is no longer using prescription medications or marijuana to control his medical needs.”

His attorney says that Fieck has a history of medical problems from work-related injuries, along with substance abuse that has haunted him throughout his life. In the end, Randall Fieck willlikely  spend at least two years away from his daughter.