By Parker Winship

A dab lab explosion sent a man to a Fresno burn ward Tuesday, according to the San Luis Obispo Tribue. Once released from the hospital, the local County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit have said they intend to charge the 32 year-old Los Osos resident with manufacturing a controlled substance.

The sheriff’s department also plan to charge the man with elder abuse – an elderly man present during the explosion was also issued to the hospital for heart-related problems.

This is the most recent of the many dabsplosions which have hit the news in the last couple years. It’s evidence of a half-baked legal system still wrestling how legal marijuana really is.

Concentrates are legal and easy to purchase with a Medical Marijuana Card. They’re advertised on the websites of many LA dispensaries. But it’s still legally designated as a “controlled substance,” the same label given to meth or cocaine.

Legalization moves slowly and even as we take steps forward in California and several other states toward acceptance and legality, there are loose ends left behind. One of these loose ends is clearly the manufacturing of concentrates.

No details were released as to how the fire started, but it might have been less likely to occur if there were professional and regulated extraction companies in place to take the demand for dabs off the street.

In the meantime, dabs will live in this in-between world. They’re completely legal as long as they materialize out of thin air.

Photo courtesy of Wikimenia Commons

Parker Winship