Louisiana has some of the harshest penalties regarding pot possession. If you are found in possession of the substance you could face a 6 month jail term, no matter how much you have on you at the time.

But Dalton Honoré filed the House Bill 117 in part last week for the 2015 legislation, which is going to start in the middle of April. If the bill approved then voters would be able to make their final decision on whether or not they want marijuana in the state in the 2016 election.

For the state of Louisiana, marijuana reform isn’t a top priority, but lawmakers have stated that the legislature needs to act quickly if they want to approve the bill, regardless of whether or not they want recreational marijuana legalised or not. Lawmakers have also stated that they need to either vote for it or vote against it, and that it isn’t a vote to put forward recreational marijuana, it is a vote to see if people want it legalised or not. If this legislature is passed then the House Bill 117 would legalize marijuana for adults aged 21 and over. This includes distribution, possession and dispensing. It would also allow the state to put a retail tax on the substance.

If the bill is approved, offenses would be removed from the criminal code. Lawmakers have until the year 2018 to create a system which would regulate sales and tax and they can also put forward any rules that would deal with post-prohibition. This bill in specific does not mention home cultivation or post legalisation, nor does it mention any limits regarding how much you can posses.