When Louisiana legalized medical marijuana in 1991, weed-friendly Governor Bobby Jindal wasn’t around to create the infrastructure to allow the law to actually become implemented. On Monday, Jindal signed two bills to reform marijuana laws in the state in what is being described as “more progress on reforming marijuana laws than the state has made in the 24 years,” by the Times-Picayune.
The first bill (SB 143), which sets up a framework for dispensaries, will make Louisiana the first southern state to make marijuana available for a wide-range of chronically ill patients. The second bill (HB 149) will reform marijuana penalties by making it a misdemeanor, rather than a felony, for a second offense of possession. The bill also allows first-time offenders to expunge their conviction after two years of being offense-free. The state’s youth can now get a weed ticket without destroying their future.

It’s also worth noting that the Sheriffs’ Association hasn’t endorsed the legislation, but for the first time in year’s, they don’t seem interesting blocking it, either.

You can read more about the two bills at NOLA. 


Photo via Wikimedia