As marijuana becomes more legalized around the world, people are turning to alternative uses that go beyond medical treatments or basic recreational use. In the past, marijuana was encouraged when couples wanted to be intimate with each other. As it were, fornicators the world over see weed as the new Viagra. Time slows touch, touch becomes sensual, and sex gets better – at least that’s the theory.

Can marijuana really be a modern Love Potion? Research from the 1970s and 80s seems to indicate that it could be, but because weed has been illegal for so long, there isn’t any more modern research available.

Stronger orgasms, better intimacy, and everything people love about having an aphrodisiac on hand have all shown to be possible. Even marijuana lube has hit the market in some places to encourage extra rubbing and tugging. There just isn’t any funding to determine if the old research has the ability to explode on or inside of the marijuana market.

One major benefit of using lubes and sprays is their inherent body sensation functionality, and a total lack of a classic “high.” This can tend to be the main reason for people avoiding these marijuana products, but word from users of various lip balms, vaginal sprays and pocket pussies are consistently good. Sex therapists are even recommending marijuana products to their patients who have medical marijuana cards in states where the product isn’t fully legal yet.

So proceed with caution. Because weed is making ground on aphrodisiacs. Watch your back, funerals.