With hundreds of pills, patches and mantras out there that claim to cure anyone’s smoking addiction, there are still thousands of people around the world who are struggling to quit.

Some doctors say that psychedelics often help people with addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, heroin, etc. suddenly ‘flip the switch’ and leave their vice behind. They can help the user find their moment of clarity that they need before they can really quit. This according to an article in Vice.

While there were a few clinical trials studying the effect of psychedelics on addiction in the 50s and 60s, they were very problematic and a lot of political backlash meant that they never really went anywhere; however, these studies have recently been revisited. The results of these trials have generally been positive when it comes to overcoming smoking or another addiction.

Of course, smokers can’t expect to just drop acid once, go on a trip, and then be free of their addiction. It’ll never be that easy. Smokers still need the will and the want to quit, but LSD and other psychedelics look like they can definitely help. Nicotine is a physical addiction, and anyone quitting will go through some withdrawal, but LSD looks like it can help with the psychological aspects of addiction and help smokers realise that it just isn’t something they want to do anymore.

Any addiction, especially if it’s been going on for a long time, is difficult to overcome. Researchers have suggested however, that a few doses of LSD along with ongoing counselling and treatment can be the answer to a lot of addicted patients who want to quit but lacking a little will-power. LSD is definitely not the magic pill for all addictions, it doesn’t stop the physical side of withdrawal, but it can definitely help smokers to turn around and say ‘I really, really want to stop smoking.’