Finding good edibles without a trusted brand can be lame. It’s easy to get some medicated snacks only to get home and realize the batch you bought is so weak you need to eat six flavorless cookies just to catch a buzz. Or you can get some chocolate bar that tastes like fried weed and puts you in an edible coma after eating just a few bites.

Sometimes, a boy or a girl just needs their mama. And that’s where Mama Ganja Edibles comes in. Their baked goods and candy tastes so crazy good that even their non-medicated goods go like hot cakes. But where it’s really at with them is the fully medicated sweets. It’s not just that they pack the perfect amount of THC into their stuff (enough to feel the full effect after a small amount, but not so potent that you can’t enjoy eating a full serving), but the taste is actually crafted so that the extract flavor compliments the natural sweetness of the snacks.


                                                                     Dank Krispies Cereal Treats

Mama Ganja is one of the most popular LA-based medicinal bakeries and edible companies. Their goods are lab tested and organic, and they’re the only company to use Cannabis Cup Award winner Vader Extracts’ Honey Oil in their products.

Mama offers constant innovation in her menu, putting out such diverse and original products as Dankcake in a Jar or Mini Cinnabuds, alongside more standard edible fare like cookies, brownies, and gummy candy.

Among the SoCal dispensaries offering Mama Ganja edibles are Divine Wellness Center, VDF, THeClinkik, West Valley Caregivers WVC, and weekly LA Secret Seshes. To find more affiliated dispensaries, visit MG’s website. To request that your local dispensary start carrying Mama Ganja products if they don’t already, ask that they get in touch with the fine MG people.

To obtain the goods directly (non-THC for individuals and medicated for licensed dispensaries), email [email protected] or call 1-855-LAGANJA (1-855-524-2652).


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