Be careful out there. Despite all claims to the contrary, weed can kill. A meager half-ton has been proven to be lethal, especially when its administered by slamming into you at absurdly high speeds.

What is the deadly dose of marijuana? As it turns out it is a whopping large amount of approximately 500kg.

This most unfortunate event took place In Brazil recently when a man got killed in an automobile accident when he was crushed by half a ton of weed he was transporting. As indicated by reports, the man, who has yet to be recognized, was carelessly smuggling 1,000-pounds of marijuana in the backseat of his auto on an obvious self-destructive rush ride from Soa Paulo to Mato Grosso de Sul. Noticing the unusual speeding of this man, the Federal Highway Patrol set up a roadblock to stop him ahead his way. Despite the roadblock, the culprit chose to take authorities on a three mile-long drag race hell ride which ultimately cost him his life. As he lost the control of his vehicle, it crashed into a tree and his heavy load of marijuana crashed on him literally pulping his bones between the tree and the heavy load.

As for the cursed ganja, it was confiscated by the police for further investigation.