Marijuana addiction. This term is usually used by people who are against marijuana legalization – a process that is becoming quite popular in many states and countries. They usually use this term in order to make marijuana use look dangerous.

For example, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana is a plant that can be potentially harmful and addictive and it is often used as a gateway drug. The team of researchers that conducted this study was lead by Dr. Nora Volkow who is the head of the same institution. One might say that this is a clear example of conflict of interest because if the marijuana is legalized dozens of institutes and organizations like this one will cease to exist. What makes this report even more suspicious is that Dr. Volkow is using very broad terms and numbers and it seems that some of the findings were reported by other similar research teams in the past. It is a little bit odd that she found out that 9% of people who started using marijuana became addicted and the same percent is mentioned in a study conducted 6 years ago.

These manuals and reports often describe cannabis dependence as something that can be easily identified because of the distinctive symptoms. Tolerance is one of those symptoms. According to these reports weed addiction can be noticed in cases when people need to smoke a larger amount of marijuana in order to experience the intoxicating effects. This actually means that in case you need to smoke more than two puffs from a joint and you don’t start talking about love and peace you are probably an addict which is obviously not correct.

According to Dr. Volkow marijuana is also characterized with some withdrawal symptoms. Some people who stop using marijuana after a long use can feel anxiety, insomnia and moodiness. But, the problem is that it has been scientifically proven that marijuana can be used as a medicine in cases of anxiety, moodiness and sleep problems and that’s why the use of marijuana is allowed in so many countries.

Furthermore, those who oppose marijuana legalization often claim that people can’t cut down the use without putting a lot of effort into this process. But, what they don’t realize is the fact that marijuana users don’t view this as cannabis dependence. Is drinking one beer a day every day an addiction? No. This is something that makes people happy and relaxed. On the other hand, we should all expect for marijuana users to give up from their satisfaction fast. That’s not how it goes.

The same goes for the possible legal problems or interpersonal and social problems. You can’t expect from someone to quit using marijuana just because you have forced that person to stop. That doesn’t make this person an addict. Weed addiction is just a myth created by those who oppose marijuana legalization.