2016 is going to bring a vote on marijuana legislation in Michigan. This bill would give residents of Michigan the power to grow and cultivate their own plants. If the legislation goes through, it will also allow them to use the drug in other previously banned forms as well.

The Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Initiative Committee chairman Jeffery Hank said “the time is right” and that the state needs “a responsible tax and regulation system for adults 21 and over, while also permitting the farming of hemp for Michigan agriculture, food and industry.”

Many organisers have said that this new found legislation could create plenty of jobs in the area and it will also help to boost revenues for many local schools. Many people have said that the profits could also go toward road repair.

If the legislation goes through, a single person could cultivate up to 12 plants. Voters in Michigan have also approved several decriminalisation measures in the past; however these have been far less ambitious when compared to the legislation in question for marijuana.

Michigan already allows people to smoke medical marijuana, but it has a ban on growing and use for recreational purposes. If the legislation goes through, people would be allowed to cultivate their own plants as long as it stays within the state rules and regulations regarding the substance.