When it comes to drug testing facts, marijuana is the drug that is recognized and tested most. What makes passing a marijuana test hard is the fact that pot remains in the consumer’s body for a long time, making it easy to be detected. The active ingredient in marijuana, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, stays in the body for days.

Many consumers overlook or ignore the fact that drug testing can occur and do not care about passing a marijuana test. Since marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the US and can often be purchased for cheap, it goes along to the “everyone does it” factor – reducing its harms and risks in the eyes of an average consumer. But rather than overlooking its ban and drug testing because “everyone does it”, the government insists upon drug testing of marijuana. All the privacy concerns of citizens are ignored when it comes to the matter of drug testing and if officials want to, they have full right to ask anyone they suspect to pee in a cup for them and there is nothing the person in suspect can do.

Passing a marijuana test is not easy if you smoke pot on the regular. Marijuana can stay in the urine up to 7 days and an entire day in blood. Regular use of marijuana can be detected in urine even after months and up to a week in blood. Marijuana drug testing is not limited to psychoactive elements like THC but can also detect non psychoactive elements such as THC-COOH. Similarly, hair drug testing can also identify the non psychoactive elements in marijuana and they can linger there for a long time.

Passing a marijuana test is difficult, especially if you are subject to blood drug testing. Saliva testing is a new concept and therefore it is not a huge concern as it has still not been completely perfected in identifying marijuana in the body.