With so much money to be potentially made on the table, the question is not if you can be successful in the marijuana business, it’s how successful you can be. Fighting for investors’ attention is the name of the game, and at conferences and expos, marijuana CEOs are sitting down with investors to pitch their ideas and offering in hopes to secure funding for different ventures.

No business like Green Business

Investment opportunities for marijuana investors include high technology, apps, retail, and various stages of business advancement. While many investors prefer a more “give me info” and “throw money at established growth” types of investment interactions, these expos and conferences where you meet one-on-one with marijuana entrepreneurs is much more entertaining and insightful. Think ‘Shark Tank’ but with less snarky behavior and fighting over offers.

With the cannabis industry still struggling to get the investment capital that they need to take their businesses out of their basements and into a full-scale dispensary, or an already-establish dispensary into a successful franchise. The opportunity allowed from securing a generous investor or angel investors is huge.

The atmosphere at these conferences and exposes is electric, as business in the cannabis industry pitch in front of thousands of people. In a recent article published by Mainstreet examines this investor buffet further:

Julianna Carella, founder and CEO of edibles company Auntie Delores, has successfully raised hundreds of thousands of dollars of private capital through similar presenting exhibitions. “Connecting the right people in this fragmented industry can be difficult,” she said. “Other options for funding our companies do not exist in the restrictive banking environment.”

These events are not just for start-ups. Auntie Dolores was already operating when Carella sought private investment. She feels that her company’s history made it stand out against more recently founded companies with no track record. “It can be exhilarating to pitch a cannabis company to a room full of investors who are not sure where to invest,” said Carella. “We really tried to tell our story of how the company began, what we stand for. Many investors feel more comfortable with this than investing in a company with no history or previous revenues.”

We believe as more legalization spreads throughout the country, these types of investor parties will be second only to gun expos and agriculture trade shows. There is just so much money to be made in this budding industry, investors looking to expand their portfolios have really only been held-back by the absurd fight for legality. HSBC laundered money publically for actual drug cartels and connections to terrorist organizations, you think pot will still be taboo once the law catches-up to allow for risk-free investing? It will be no different than alcohol, except it may even surpass it in-terms of public opinion on the grounds of how much alcohol is a detriment to our society.

Ignoring all of that, to quote the best representation of what investors out there really care about: “The only thing that matters is will it make me money.”-Mr. Wonderful