Over 100 American Indian tribes have contacted a management firm “FoxBarry Farms” with their interest in the marijuana industry. The company is responsible for the country’s very first facility for marijuana in a tribal area.

In California, Pinoleville Pomo Nation previously announced their strategies for a huge $10M dollar, 2.5 acres facility for creating medical cannabis, which uses only a little space in a 99 acre region of the tribes.

The CEO of FoxBarry, Barry Brautman, whose firm also operates along with native American tribes in order to create & manage the casinos, stated that the amount of interest has increased since the statement of the Department of Justice during the latter part of 2014 that the tribes will be able to grow and sell cannabis in their regions if they follow specific rules.

Growing cannabis has the potential to be very lucrative to Native Americans because they may have the privilege to avoid massive taxes on cannabis by the state. A lot of the Native Indian tribes believe that selling marijuana can help fund their infrastructure and social programs. However the proof is mixed when we talk about that kind of high revenue. Some economists claim that it’s not clear if the casinos really contribute to the happiness of Native Americans.