No one born in this planet wants any sort of disaster to health! Isn’t it true? There are various ways by which you can avoid your bad habits. Education is the best way by which you can know the ways by which you can avoid drugs. Drugs are having severe effect on your physical health as well as mental stability. It can destroy your life and indirectly hamper those around you. There are various ways in which you can run away from bad habits. One of this is the use of tinctures which are not so popularly known to everyone. It is just about how to consume marijuana, which is loved by many, but without hampering your health. Tinctures are cannabis liquid concentration, here THC and cannabinoids are leached out into alcoholic substance. You just have to put drops of this marijuana tincture in your mouth, may be under your tongue, and just wait for few minutes. And then you will feel the effects and difference.

The effect of tincture can be felt within 15 minutes approximately. This effect varies from type of bud which is used for making tincture. You cannot smell tinctures until the bottle is closed. You can carry tincture everywhere and every time wherever you go. You should believe in this product and this is sure that you will love it. Tinctures are available at any medical marijuana tincture dispensaries. This does not cost much; at least not more than your health. You can experience making tincture at home, as it is one of the nice way to medicate yourself.

This is not a complex task and therefore you can try to make it at home by following the instruction. Idea behind tincture is to take all the advantages and essence of the plant. This is usually done by using ethyl alcohol whose work is to dissolve and preserve the herb. Ethyl alcohol which is also called as ethanol is mainly used in countless applications. Everyone should refer to the procedure of making marijuana tincture. It does not require various products, we only need:

  • Grain alcohol of high percent strength
  • Your choice of bud
  • A glass container (air tight)
  • An eyedropper

You must follow following instruction to get good results:

  • According to the quantity required of tincture, elements are been used. Ratio should be 1 gram of weed to 35 mL (1 fluid ounce) of alcohol, which is minimum limit. As you are trying first time you can see how this ratio works for you.
  • The amount of bud you are required must be allow to dry out, as fresh buds does not ideal for making tinctures.
  • Put it in the glass jar and let it soak. Allow the mixture to soak for 1-10 days. Everyday once you should gently shake the mixture.
  • After soaking for long, strain out the liquid and pour it to the airtight bottle which is having eyedropper.
  • It has to be taken care that it has to be stored in dark place so as to protect the tincture from sunlight.
  • Now you are free to keep with you and use as per your choice. JUST ENJOY!