Circle of life: smoke lots of weed -> eat lots of candy bars -> get diabetes -> smoke more weed -> treat diabetes.

A study published in the American Journal of Medicine shows that smoking marijuana can actually help people, including diabetes patients, regulate their blood sugar levels.

Why is smoking a little weed so effective at regulating blood sugar? It comes down to the mechanics of the metabolism. People who regularly use marijuana are able to metabolize more carbohydrates than those who don’t use.

A 17% Decrease in Insulin Resistance

It’s not just the good insulin levels that benefit from smoking a little weed on a regular basis, although a 17% reduction in insulin resistance is a good thing. Because the good levels of cholesterol are higher thanks to the better metabolic rates, those who regularly use marijuana also have lower risks of developing heart disease.

The one thing that the research was unable to find was the exact reason behind the benefits that marijuana apparently brings. Although you shouldn’t smoke weed to in place of eating decent food and going for a run now and then, the facts show that your metabolism can get a nice boost with a little pot. Your job is then to resist the temptation that the munchies bring.

Unfortunately it is still illegal for researchers to determine the full effects of marijuana on the human body. Until the laws are able to keep up with the times, we’ll have to bide our time with the hope that studies like this one provide.