With success comes more innovation in the growing marijuana industry.  Seattle just introduced a new way to get your pot, the same way we get our pop: out of a vending machine.  According to King 5 News in Washington, This machine sells both edibles and marijuana flowers to card-carriers.

Late night munchies

Of course, this little marijuana vending machine immediately has the pot-haters in a virtual outrage, picturing kids being able to just walk up and get their “fix” alongside their bag of chips.  But, this machine is much smarter than that and would be quite insulting to the company American Green who made this new green box, called ZaZZZ.  You need to scan your medical marijuana card and your driver’s license, which then does a biometric scan with the on-board camera to make sure you, and only you, are able to purchase.

In future iterations of ZaZZZ the company hopes to add more gates to this process with fingerprint or retinal scanners. For now, the added security of being inside an actual dispensary should be enough to calm the concerned parents, as there must be an employee present to check your ID before you enter inside.  Once those advanced versions of the marijuana vending machine are ready to go, American Green hopes to have their presence in areas outside of dispensaries to really take advantage of the convenience factor and, of course, getting more sales.

Fast and (kinda)Furious

The marijuana industry is the next hub of innovation, these new vending machines are already more advanced than anything else on the market in the U.S., with their ability to accept Bitcoin as payment.  Right now, there are about 18 of these machines out there on the market, but they differ in that they only serve edibles, like your standard snack machine.  The ZaZZZ is the only one, so far, that dispense marijuana flowers.

As more states look to allow medical and recreational use of cannabis, you can bet that you’ll see more of these marijuana vending machines pop up in places like Washington DC, which just legalized it this past election.  The only hurdles for American Green is that their vending machines must only dispense weed that is grown within their respective states and that the government still prohibits use of credit cards and debit cards to purchase marijuana products.  Until America is ready to put on its Big Boy pants and legalize weed on a federal level, you’ll just have keep carrying around cash whenever you want to go grab your late night fix of Doritos and Kush.