People will talk about the dangers of Marijuana, yet alcohol is a potentially more dangerous drug. This article is an argument in support of this theory.

Alcohol commercials tend to equate alcohol with masculinity. This is damaging, both for masculinity’s sake, i.e. “You have to drink to be a man” and because alcohol’s criticism is redefined, i.e. “You’re not a real man if you worry about getting drunk.”
Alcohol tends to cause people to act violently towards each other. Marijuana doesn’t. It mellows you out.

For all the trouble that marijuana is supposed to cause, alcohol is responsible for more deaths. It is responsible for more violence. It is responsible for health problems; people have poor livers, kidneys and tend to fill the emergency room with accidents they’ve had. That’s not to include the problems with alcohol when it comes to memory loss and abuse of the drug; alcohol is an addictive drunk after all.

Marijuana has few of these problems. It makes you more relaxed and less violence. There are also benefits to marijuana; it is great for pain relief. It is great for your imagination. It is better for socializing than alcohol, because you’re less likely to get violent, and you’re more likely to be able to speak English after a joint than you are after a few beers.
Marijuana also helps with creativity. Compare the music of the nineteen sixties compared to the list of innumerable artists who have been brought low by alcoholism. When people are on a cannabis high, they make connections where there aren’t any in normal life. When people are drunk, they can’t even connect what their arms are doing to what their head wants them to do.

None of this is to say that people shouldn’t be able to drink alcohol. Whatever people do is fine with us, as we’re all responsible adults here. (If you’re not, then you shouldn’t be reading this kid.) The point is though, that it’s socially acceptable to get black out drunk in our culture, to the point where you can’t remember or control what you or other people are doing. Yet to have a smoke is frowned upon and treated as a huge criminal offense.
People who smoke are less likely to cause trouble than people who are drunk on alcohol. Marijuana relaxes, alcohol depresses. It’s easy to find studies on the negative effects of alcohol, because its legal and scientists are allowed to study its effect on people. Marijuana needs to be given the same chance, because we’re of the belief that it can’t be worse than alcohol is. Of course, for now, scientists aren’t allowed to undertake this work because marijuana is a class a drug.

This is a shame, because historically and in other countries, marijuana is recognized as a beneficial plant. It has medicinal properties which the scientific establishment is having to recognize, and we can only hope as more of the plants strengths come to light, we can have more of an even debate on marijuana vs alcohol.