On March 25th Judge Mueller of the Sacramento Division of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California (or SDOTUSDCFTEDC, as no one calls it) will determine whether marijuana should constitutionally remain a Schedule I drug alongside some nefarious substances like heroin.

This verdict is the result of the case U.S. v. Schweder. Once a verdict has been reached, the next step would be for the losing side to go to the 9th court of appeals. If the ruling is still upheld then it would then apply to all states that are a part of this circuit. If after this, it goes to the US Supreme Court. And if the decision is upheld there, then

The government prosecutors in the case have argued that there is indeed a rational reason why marijuana is in Schedule I. This means that defendants won’t have any room to stand in terms of challenging the listing. The government has also ignored Section 538, which states that the government are no longer allowed to use funds to interfere with medical marijuana state laws.