In white lady cannabis news, Martha Stewart has accepted a challenge to get stoned with celebrity humorist and comedian Chelsea Handler.

Stewart, a woman of godlike celebrity stature for decades, has embraced a late career change into a minor cannabis figurehead. Though best known for her lifestyle magazine and television series as well as merchandising of pretty much everything, Stewart has recently gotten on board the weed industry train.

Last year, she joined forces with cannabis powerhouse Canopy Growth to put out a line of CBD-infused skin care products which is expected to come out this fall.

She is also well-known for her work and friendship with one of the biggest of the big A-list weed celebrities, Snoop Dogg.

Stewart and Snoop have collaborated many times over the years, first on her own TV show, then on their co-hosted VH1 series Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Partyand a Super Bowl Commercial, all of which were heavily laden with weed jokes.

However, despite Stewart’s cannabis business ventures and weed street ventures, the woman hasn’t gotten high since the 1960s. All of that, however is about to change.

Following an Instagram tet-a-tet between Stewart and Chelsea Handler, in which the two posted similarseductive photosof themselves in their enormous swimming pools, Handler somehow ended up challenging the media maven to smoke a joint with her.

Stewart then toldEntertainment Tonightthat she “took up Chelsea Handler’s challenge to smoke a joint with her.”

“I told her I haven’t smoked a joint since the 1960s. So for me to smoke a joint is a really big deal. We haven’t done it yet […] it has to be together, some time in the future.”

No word yet on if Snoop Dogg is jealous of Miss Chelsea. He has reportedly asked Stewart to get high with him many times, and says she has refused because she’s “scared.” He has also saidof Stewart that “I get jealous when I see other people with her.” So maybe Handler ought to watch out.

Photo via Flickr/nrkbeta