Things are getting a little more equal among the smokable drugs of Massachusetts, legally speaking. A new law went into effect on New Years Eve which makes the legal age for buying cannabis and tobacco one in the same.

But that doesn’t mean that cannabis laws are getting looser. Instead, tobacco restrictions are getting tighter. Now residents of the Bay State will have to wait until the ripe old age of 21 before they can legally buy a pack of Luckies or even suck on some tasty e-juice, as reported by local news affiliate WWLP.

Now about the only thing that turning 18 in Massachusetts commemorates is that you can risk losing all your money buying lottery tickets or getting blown up in the armed forces.

With the enacting of the new law, the state has become the sixth in the country to raise the legal age of tobacco use to 21 after California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Maine and Oregon, and Washington D.C (which doesn’t count).

The new law will usher in a few other changes in Massachusetts as well, including new restrictions about where you can vape.

Previously, the use of e-cigarettes was allowed pretty much wherever, but now vaping will be prohibited anywhere that smoking is already banned. That includes any public or private primary, secondary, or vocational school.

Also, pharmacists are going to lose out in a little bit of revenue, as the law restricts drug stores from selling tobacco products.

Though tobacco sales might suffer, the cannabis business is currently booming in Massachusetts. Only a month after opening the recreational cannabis market, pot shops in the state have taken in more than $9.3 million in sales. That’s not Aquaman numbers, but it’s still pretty good for just a plant.

Photo via Flickr user Andrew Mason